Nick van der Heyden - Professional Circus Artist


Creativity, Innovation, Passion


After seeing his first circus show, Nick van der Heyden was sure, he wanted to be an acrobat. Then he was four years old, he chased his dream and currently he is graduated from the Academy for Circus and Performance Art, and is working as a professional circus artist.





Nick creates esthetic numbers and shows, often a little bit edgy. The themes is uses are visible in an abstract way but present enough to recognize. Because of this style it will make you think and at the same time you will be amazed by a visual spectacle. Nick's work is appealing for a wide audience.


Next to his current repertoire Nick likes to work on new projects, such as, Site Specific work or acts/shows with a specific theme.


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Nick is able to teach different circus disciplines, there are possibilities in group or private classes. Think about:



Longer programmes

Online coaching


If you are interested feel free to contact me.



Artistic Coaching


Nick is able to give artistic coaching for artist who are creating a new act /show.

The main focus points or the essence and dynamic of the act/show.

Beside that it is possible to do research which themes or subjects the artist would like to use.




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